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By |2021-12-07T11:24:37+00:00December 3rd, 2012|History|

Obtain distribution of Venture Pharmaceutical & Hansel Pharmaceuticals for Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s market Obtain distribution of selected products of Searle Pharmaceutical for Pakistani & Afghanistani market Obtain exclusive right of Sale of Alpha Pharmaceutical India [...]


By |2021-12-07T11:19:28+00:00December 6th, 2011|History|

Obtain distribution of Reckitt Benkister, Pliva Pharmaceutical, Ferozsons Laboratories, Saif Pharma Fynk Pharma for Export


By |2021-12-07T11:29:22+00:00December 6th, 2010|History|

Developed network of partners in major cities of Punjab 7,000 sq ft Rental Property


By |2021-12-07T11:05:04+00:00December 6th, 2009|History|

Developed business relationship with South African pharmaceutical importers


By |2021-12-07T11:28:30+00:00December 6th, 2006|History|

Enter Baluchistan Pharmaceutical business through branch office in Quetta Medicine market 5,000 sq ft Rental Property


By |2021-12-07T11:27:28+00:00December 7th, 2001|History|

Open Branch in Peshawar, Al Mansoor Medicine market 8,000 sq ft Company Owned Property


By |2021-12-07T11:26:45+00:00December 6th, 2000|History|

Opened shop in Katachi Gali, Karachi for wholesale Pharmaceutical business 56,000 Sq ft Company Owned Property

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