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History & Major Milestones

Azee Agency has expended its operation portfolio since inception successfully and created a strong network of partners and stake holders to maximize our reach across Pakistan. Our Head office is Located in Karachi (Sindh), and other branch offices are in Peshawar (KPK) Quetta, (Baluchistan) and Punjab respectively.


  • Obtain distribution of Venture Pharmaceutical & Hansel Pharmaceuticals for Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s market
  • Obtain distribution of selected products of Searle Pharmaceutical for Pakistani & Afghanistani market
  • Obtain exclusive right of Sale of Alpha Pharmaceutical India for Pakistani Market


  • Obtain distribution of Reckitt Benkister, Pliva Pharmaceutical, Ferozsons Laboratories, Saif Pharma Fynk Pharma for Export


  • Developed network of partners in major cities of Punjab
  • 7,000 sq ft Rental Property


  • Developed business relationship with South African pharmaceutical importers


  • Started export of surgical items to Afghanistan


  • Open Branched in Kandhar, Afghanistan


  • Enter Baluchistan Pharmaceutical business through branch office in Quetta Medicine market
  • 5,000 sq ft Rental Property


  • Started trading of Consumer Items


  • Open Branch in Peshawar, Al Mansoor Medicine market
  • 8,000 sq ft Company Owned Property


  • Opened shop in Katachi Gali, Karachi for wholesale Pharmaceutical business
  • 56,000 Sq ft Company Owned Property

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